Chief P.Okwy Osadebe - Band Owner/Lead Singer

Chief Patrick Okwy Osadebe ( Ogbuefi Nnamezuo), is the oldest living son of the late king of Highlife Music Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe (OON) and Chief Mrs. Elizabeth Olayinka Osadebe (Ezi Ogeli).  Chief Okwy Osadebe hails from Atani, in Ogbahu L. G. A. of Anambra State, Nigeria.  As a little 7 year old boy, Chief Okwy Osadebe started dancing in his father’s living room while his father and his friends enthusiastically watched and sprayed money at him.  By 1980, Chief Okwy Osadebe was involved in a cultural dance group in his home town and quickly emerged as the leader of the junior group. 

   Chief Okwy Osadebe attended Premier Primary School, Onitsha.  Christ the King College, Onitsha and U. H. S. Umuchu.  He went on to Federal Polytechnic, Oko, where he studied Business Administration and Management.  During his high school years, he started singing and performing a special cultural dance music called “Egwu Ekobe” and occasionally sang highlife music on his father’s band stand.  Chief Okwy Osadebe largely danced in his father’s music videos and live performances all over Nigeria and U.S.A. 

Over the last decade and half, Chief Okwy Osadebe has spent some time dancing Salsa music on Stage shows, Salsa Congress and teaching Salsa dance steps.  He also helped to manage his late brothers Highlife band until his brother passed suddenly.  After the terrible loss of his father and his brother, Chief Okwy Osadebe was moved to form his own Highlife Band to continue his Family Music Legacy.

Chief Okwy Osadebe believes in the power and love of music.  Most of all he is in awe of the magnificent, unfettered, never before seen dedication and hard work his father delivered with his Highlife Music Legacy.  Chief Okwy currently has an album out called "Odira".  He is  currently performing live over U.S. cities while simultaneously working on his extended album to be released by the end of this year.  Chief Okwy Osadebe resides in the New Haven Area in the state of Connecticut.  


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